Joining Us


What is Caving, In limestone areas, the ground beneath our feet is riddled with passage-ways and  huge caverns that few people ever see.  Some of the caverns are so large that St Paul’s Cathedral could fit inside.  These passage-ways and caverns are joined in networks called systems.  Inside the caves, the rock has been sculpted into fantastic shapes by the water and white calcite formations decorated the interior.The sport of caving is the exploration of these systems and is not all wriggling and squirming through small holes.  In fact, on many trips much time is spent walking.


Why do we go Caving, this is a question that we are always asked, and some of our answers would be like - experience a unique environment, explore places very few people have been too before, see amazing calcite formations and sculpted rock, challenge ourselves, keep fit and mainly have fun.

What do I Wear. For your first caving experience underground we would not recommend that you buy anything new, as a first underground trip with us would be suitably chosen. So a boiler suit or old waterproofs as a outer layer with old, warm clothes underneath (not jeans). Wellington's with good grips on the soles. You can hire a caving lamp, helmet and belt. Also we would recommend that you bring along a complete change of clothes, an old towel, a change of footwear, a bin bag or old holdall for muddy clothes and finally something to eat after the trip and a mars bar or something similar to take in.

How can I get involved. Well this is the easy bit, you can either telephone Paul on 01684 573179 or Jan on 01874 690248 or here, with a few details about yourself, and you will receive a reply as soon as possible.

Below I have listed a few of our caving items, which if you decide to pursue this sport you may wish to purchase yourself.

More info on getting started in Caving here.

This is the latest in helmet/light technology, using a 14 led headlight, which will run on 4 AA battery's, clipped to rear of helmet.

This is the older type helmet /light unit, which does give a much brighter light, but to do this, you need to have a larger battery which must be connected to your caving belt as illustrated.

Caving Outer Suit, these suits come in a variety of materials and colours, and are well made to take on the caving environment.

This is our caving belt, it can also be used to carry the older type caving lamp battery, but it also has a 'D' ring, to which you can easy be connected to a rope or sling.
Knee pads are a caver's best friend, especially for any length of crawling, you can also get a slightly smaller version for your elbows.