Posted by Barry on 2nd December 2012

Please note that these surveys are being displayed at a very low file size for you to view and are not really suitable for printing out. However we now have all these surveys on a single CD, scanned at between 100 and 300dpi in a jpg format. These are available to purchase at £5.95 including carriage. Please note that we make no claim as to the accuracy of these surveys and accept no responsibility. If you would like to purchase a CD then please contact Barry Hill (Secretary) e-mail for further details.  

Survey Description
Agen Allwedd March 1960 Early Hand Drawn Survey, CRG Grade 1 & 2, Historic Interest Only.
Careg Llywd Surveyed 28th December 1986, also known as Snail Cave
Carreg yr Ogof Surveyed 15th May 1986, BCRA 5C
Diggers Hole Surveyed 20th June 1953, Grade 3
Dolphins Hole Surveyed 1978, 101m north of Pwll Swnd
Herbert's Quarry Caves Survey showing Caves within Herbert's Quarry
Llanelly Quarry Pot Surveyed 9th August 1987, BCRA 5C
Nash Cave Surveyed 1964, CRG Grade 4
Ogof Bannau Surveyed 13th March 1982, BCRA 3D
Ogof Cynnes Surveyed by Martyn Farr, September 1968, CRG Grade 1
Ogof Dan-yr-Odin Discovered and Survey by HCC, 21st June 1969, Grade 3-4
Ogof Foel Fawr East Facing Section through Ogof Foel Fawr
Ogof Foel Fawr 1986 Surveyed October 1986, BCRA 5D
Ogof-y-Gigfran Surveyed 15th May 1986
Ogof Tepse Surveyed 16th March 1986
Ogof Tynot-y-Gareg Surveyed 4th May 1987
Ogof-y-Ci 1966 Very detailed survey, photocopy only, CRG Grade 4
Pwll Swnd Old Series Surveyed 26th May 1985, BCRA 5D
Pwll Swnd Surveyed by Arthur Price, HCC
Pwll Swnd 1973 Up to date survey, CRG Grade 5B
Pwll Swnd Blasted Bypass Blasted Bypass and Lower Streamway
Pwll Swnd North Rift 1986 Survey showing north rift only, BCRA 5C
T Pot and Pwll Swnd 1986 Survey showing relationship between both caves, BCRA 5C
Twrch Dig Surveyed March 1970, Dig only - No cave
Upper Herbert's Quarry Cave Surveyed 28th December 1986, BCRA 5D
Wet Sink Surveyed 15th March 1986, also known as Carreg yr Ogof